Looking for straightforward, integrated communications solutions for your business, non-profit or charity? We’re here to help. We offer our clients guidance that’s based on 15+ years of professional communications and public relations. We look forward to talking with you soon about your unique needs.

“Melanie is like a gourmet chef for your business communications needs. She brings together all the best ingredients, and somehow makes magic you never could have expected. Her focus on strategic planning and evidence-driven communications advice is a great fit for clients of all sizes.”

Natalie Moore, Moore Creative Consulting

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Mythos Strategic Communications
Melanie Reasbeck, Owner

Based in Perth County, Ontario
Ontario BN 777548157

Strategic. Creative. Experienced.

Get ahead with strategic communications guidance and support,
all tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

Our Services

Writing & Editing Services

Writing specialized materials for your target audience is key to achieving your goals. Let us help with everything from corporate or marketing materials to impactful social media and web content.

Communications Planning

Knowing your audience, your goals and how to measure success is a critical step in any successful communications plan. We can walk you through the process, and deliver measurable results.

TV Camera

Media Relations and events

Hoping to get the word out about an initiative, or need support in managing a reputational issue? With over 15 years experience in crisis communications and media outreach, we can help

And so much more....